Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy World Vegetarian Day

In honor of the "World Vegetarian Day" I thought I would share some of my favorite plant-based meals from some of my favorite blogs or websites.

1. Angela Liddon's "15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta" from her blog Oh She Glows

One of my absolute favorite recipes from Angela's blog. Her blog is definitely worth adding to your favorites.

2. Hello Natural's "15 Minute Sweet & Spicy Cold Peanut Noodle" recipe

This recipe is again super easy and great for a work or school-lunch. I like to add a little more spice too it and even warm up the sauce on the stove while adding some shredded cabbage or/and soybean sprouts (which you can not make out anymore from the noodles after you toss them in the sauce).

Ok.. who does not love this combination? And if you are in a little bit of a time-struggle.. just cut the pumpkin in pieces and cut the baking time a little down. 

and last but not least... because I eat waffles pretty much all day.. if I could!

4. The Perfect Pear's "Banana Egg Waffles" recipe

I love waffles.. they are super easy mixed up with some peanut butter or/and banana slices on top.. love them equally with strawberries or blueberries and right now.. with some roasted apples and cinnamon. Super lecker! 

So here they are.. some of my favorite recipes which make for a fast and healthy meal-option that I like to prepare in advance and take to work.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Wer bin ich und wo will ich hin? Who am I and where do I wanna go?

Hi, I am Anne. I am 32, a mother of 3 kids, an high school associate somewhere in Iowa and currently an online student at a community college in Kansas. A first step on the way to become a Registered Dietitian. Healthy nutrition and fitness is my passion since a handful of years but my first encounter with that love goes way back to a kindergarten-field-trip to a nutrition course of a famous German health care company and again later, during my apprenticeship in the hotel, where I enjoyed my Nutrition class so much, but never really thought of actually studying it. Until a year ago. Inspired by the high school students around me did I made the decision to get my GED so I would be able to study here in the States. I am a vegetarian by heart, I love to cook up healthy stuff and dig in my organic garden while drinking a huge cup of German coffee. Well, and I also have to bite my tongue a lot to not bother people with health and food advises even though they didn't asked for it in the first place. So therefore I thought Dietitian will be perfect for me!
This blog is suppose to guide my way through college and also act a little as a place where I can share all my new knowledge with everyone who wants to know. Well, and than I also believe that it is very important to spread valid information, specially in these times, where wrong and sometimes really bad, so called "health tips" are found around every Internet-corner.

Hi, ich bin Anne, 32, Mutter von 3 Kindern, arbeite als Associate in einer High School irgendwo in Iowa und studiere derweil online an einem Community College in Kansas, um mich irgendwann in naher Zukunft Registered Dietitian (Stastl. geprüfte Ernährungsberaterin) nennen zu dürfen. 
Gesunde Ernährung und Fitness ist seit einigen Jahren meine Leidenschaft. Eigentlich habe ich meine Liebe dazu schon bei einem Grundschulausflug zu einem Ernährungskurs der AOK gemacht und später dann noch einmal bei meiner Ausbildung zur Hotelfachfrau. Ernährungskunde war mein Lieblingsfach, aber ich habe es nie wirklich als Studium in Erwägung gezogen. Bis vor einem Jahr, als ich inspiriert von all den Schülern um mich herum, mich entschloss meinen GED (General Education Degree) hier in Amerika zu machen um dann auf dem College studieren zu können. Ich bin begeisterte Vegetarierin, liebe es gesund zu kochen und meinen biologischen Garten. Dazu muss ich mir andauernd auf die Zunge beißen um nicht ständig irgendwelchen Menschen Ernährungstips zu geben, die sie garnicht wollen. Dietitian klang irgendwie perfect für mich!
Dieser Blog soll mein Studiengang ein wenig begleiten und ein Ventil für all mein angesammeltes Wissen bieten. Außerdem finde ich es total wichtig akkurate und angemessene Ernährungstips zu geben und so manchem Schmarrn den man im Internet zu lesen bekommt, ein wenig beizusteuern.